Bolivian Textiles Necklcace

$ 25.00

This Necklace is handmade with natural materials, inspired by the Bolivian Textiles accessories.

Inspired on the Chuspa bag which is designed to carry, used for centuries from highland communities, and modern bags produced for the souvenir trade.

I try to incorporate some traditional elements and ornaments. Like the huayruru seed use by the natives of Peru and Bolivia as a protection also used in jewelry.

The pendan it's a chakana a cross that the Incan civilization used in his architecture.

This long necklace its adjustable to a desire length.

• Size •

• Materials •
Bolivian textile
Brass etched pendant
Pyrite beads
Mix wood beads
Huayruru beads (Andean seed beads )
Silk Sari Yarn

• Packaging •
Your necklace will be packed in a beautiful gift box.

• Advices •
Since they are handycraft jewelry some details might vary from what is shown at the webpage.
All pieces are polished for a beautiful shine, and coated with a tarnish-resistant finish, but the best way to preserve them is to avoid cosmetics, perfune or cream after wearing them and keep them dry.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


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