Huayruro Necklace, Andean Necklace, Red and Black necklace, Brass huayruro necklace

$ 25.00

This Huayruro Necklace is a bohemian style piece to wear. Is made of Huayruro, Brass wire and chain.

✨Measure: 16 inch

✨Packaging: Your Peruvian Necklace will be packed in a gift box.

Because all of the piece in this shop are handcrafted some details might vary from what is shown on the website.

"The Huayruro plant is native to Peru, and has been an important part of Peruvian culture for centuries. Huayruro seeds are found in pods in the tall trees of the Peruvian rainforest. The red and black seeds are said to bring good fortune and abundance, while warding off negative energy. The mixture of black and red on the seeds is also said to bring balance."