Red Herringbone Earrings, Boho red and Green Earrings, Wire Wrapped Red and Green Earrings, Vintage Style Boho Brass Earrings

$ 15.00

Get a perfectly coordinated look at work or out on the town when you add a pair of matching women's Red Herringbone Earrings. Draw attention to your accessories with this piece's eye-catching red and green beads. Get effortless red carpet glamour with a pair of dangle earrings, which sway gently while you move. Overflowing with creativity, handmade pieces are always a joy to wear. Each crystal bead has cut edges to catch the light and sparkle brilliantly. French hook backs add a casual finishing touch to the look.


* 8mm red crystal
* green seed beads
* sterling silver plate wire
* sterling silver hook

Measure: 1.5 inch approximately include the hook